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17 Nov 2017

Barend Karssemeijer (1732-1821) from Lengerich in Germany

Barend Karssemeijer was born in Lengerik to the southeast of Tecklenburg in Germany. His wedding registration claims he “had no parents”, so they must both have death at the time. His intention to marry was registered on 21 October 1764 in Breukelen (Utrecht area) in The Netherlands [s:FS/orig]. The intended bride was Jannetje Holling, a young girl who was born and still living in Breukelen. She was assisted by her father Hermannus Holling. The couple was married there on 11 November 1764 [s:FS/orig] in the church.

Barend Carssemeier was married in 1764 in Breukelen.

Barend Karssemeijer and Jannetje Holling were the parents of
  1. Anna Karssemeijer. She was baptized on 22 June 1766 in Breukelen [s:FS]. The witness was Jannetje van Kockengen, the maternal grandmother. Anna was still living in Breukelen when she was married there on 27 May 1792 [s:Brouw] to Hendrik de Koning, a young man born in “Grootenvoort” near Hannover in Germany. They had 4 daughters named Jannetje, Hendrikje, Helena Wilhelmina and Bartje.  Anna Karssemeijer died on 24 March 1856 in Breukelen [s:WWW], 89 years old.
  2. Hermanus Karssemijer. He was baptized on 20 March 1768 in Breukelen [s:FS]. The witnesses were Johannis Hasselbach and Willemijntjen Holling. Hermanus remained a bachelor. He died on 15 July 1846 in Breukelen [s:WWW], 78 years old.
  3. Gerrit Karssemeijer. He may have been born in 1769 [s:Gooij]. He was living in Breukelen when he was married on 16 November 1794 in Breukelen [s:Brouw] to Antonia van Ysendijk, a young girl baptized in Overlangbroek (Utrecht area) on 26 September 1773 as daughter of Jan van IJsendijk. At the time of her marriage Antonia was living in Kockengen (Utrecht area). 
  4. Jan Karssemeijer(t). He was baptized on 26 Oct. 1773 in Breukelen [s:FS], and still living there when he was married on 18 February 1798 in Breukelen [s:Brouw] to Marritje Cooijman, a young girl born in Ter Aa (Utrecht area) and living in Breukelen. 
  5. Willem Karssemeijer. He was baptized on 28 July 1776 in Breukelen [s:FS]. His godparent was Catharina Hoen. Willem remained a bachelor until he died on 26 October 1849 in Breukelen [s:WWW], 73 years old.
Hermanis Karssemeijer was baptized on 20 March 1768 in Breukelen.

Hermanus Holling was buried in the church in Breukelen on 15 March 1786 [s:Verkro]. Jannetje Aardze van Kokkengen, widow of Hermanus Holling, was buried there on 26 January 1789 [s:Verkro]. A grave in the church in Breukelen, owned by Hermanus Holling, was registered to his son-in-law Barend Kassemeijer on 3 Aug. 1789. Jannetje Holling, wife of Barend Karsemeijer was buried in the church in Breukelen on July 4, 1809 [s:Verkro].

Barend Karssemijer died on 21 June 1821 in Breukelen [s:UA], 89 years old. He was baptized on 7 May 1732 in Wechte-Lengerich in Germany [s:Gooij]. His parents were Claus Kessemijer and Anna Margaretha Bricksteffen who were married on 19 Nov. 1724 in Lengerich, Germany [s:FS].

Sources: [WWW], Gerda Brouwer's Transcription of Marriages in Utrecht and around [Brouw], Jos Verkroost's Transcription of Burials in Breukelen [Verkro], Family Search Records [FS], [UA] & Floor de Gooijer's Family Tree at GeneaNet [Gooij].

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