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25 Nov 2017

Surname Saturday - Van Arkel - Brick Wall

Van Arkel is a surname derived from a place name, a toponym. Arkel is a village located in the middle of The Netherlands in an area known as Vijfheerenlanden (literally “land with 5 lords”). Among the 5 lords that the area takes its name from are the medieval Lords of Arkel that are likely my ancestors. Other, low-born people with the "Van Arkel" surname likely originated in the village of Arkel. 

For example, the image below shows a marriage registration of March 25, 1759, in Zuid-Beijerland, a village also known as "den Hitzert" and located in Holland. The groom is Huijbert van Arkel, a young man born in Arkel. The bride is Bastiaantie int Veld, a young girl born in and member of the church in "den Hitzert". 

Huibert van Arkel originated in Arkel
My ancestor with the surname Arkel has the first name Barber. She was married to Cornelis van der Giessen and they were living in the Sint Anthoniepolder in Holland. The 18th-century birth, marriage and burial records of the Sint Anthoniepolder no longer exist, so we don't know when Cornelis and Barber were married or how many children they had. 
Barber and Cornelis are likely the parents of
  1. Arij van der Giessen (±1752-1827). His parents are mentioned on his death certificate. He was 75 years old. 
  2. Cornelia van der Giessen (±1760-1803) who was married around 1782 to Joost Arijensz. Schippers. She was probably a child of Cornelis and Barber, too, for she had children named Barbara, Aris, Cornelia and Ariaantie.
  3. Neeltje van der Giessen (±1758-1820) was married around 1785 to Arij Jacobsz. Kleijnendorst. She was likely a child of Cornelis and Barber, too, for she had children named Cornelis, Jacob, Pieter and Barbera.
  4. Cornelis Cornelisz. van der Giessen (±1755-1809) is likely one of their children, too, because his patronymic is Cornelis and his eldest daughter was named Barbara like his mother. This Barbara was married to my paternal ancestor Cent Leendertsz. Bos (1787-1869). 
  5. Pieter van der Giessen (±1763-1817). His parents are mentioned on his death certificate. He was 54 years old. 
Due to the missing records, and Cornelis van der Giessen being a common name in Holland, I have no clue as to who Cornelis' parents were. Barbara van Arkel, however, could be a younger daughter of Cornelis Cornelisz. van Erkel and Cornelia Pieters van Roon. This couple was married on 20-10-1710 in Maasdam, a village adjacent to the Sint Anthoniepolder. In the local dialect one could pronounce "Arkel" as "Erkel". For example, the Dutch word for potato, "aardappel", is pronounced in the local dialect as "errepel". 

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