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19 Oct 2018

20 children in one Blackstone marriage

Izaak Blackstone was married to Adriana Henrietta van der Monden on 2 February 1787 in Dordrecht in Holland. Izaak was assisted by his mother, Johanna Catrina Adelaar (1721-1800), widow of an elder Isaak Blekston (1722-1780). The family name was written as Blackstone, Blextoon, Blaxstone, Blekton, and other variations. 
The younger Izaak was baptized in Dordrecht on 2 May 1766. His bride, Adriana Henriëtta, was assisted by her stepfather Jan Smits. She was baptized in the small city of Bourtange in Groningen on April 17, 1772. Her parents are Cornelis van der Monde and Janneke Bos. Adriana Henriëtta was to give birth to 20 (!) children in the period 1787-1817.
The city of Dordrecht

These the children of Isaak Blackstone and Adriana Henriëtta van der Monden:
  1. Johanna Catharina was baptized on 14-10-1787 in Dordrecht. She died before 1793, and may have been buried on 8-12-1792. 
  2. Jenneke was baptized on 4-3-1789 in Dordrecht. Jenneke died in 1789 and was buried in May or June. 
  3. Izak was baptized on 6-11-1790 in Dordrecht.
  4. Cornelia Isaacs was baptized on 18-11-1792 in Dordrecht. She died before 1814. She may have been buried on 8-12-1792 or 6-5-1811.
  5. Johanna Catrina was baptized on 12-1-1794 in Dordrecht. She died on 5-4-1870 in Dordrecht, aged 76. 
  6. Jenneke Blackstone was baptized on 1-2-1795 in Dordrecht. She was likely buried on 27-2-1795 in Dordrecht.
  7. Johannes Adrianus was baptized on 18-9-1796 in Dordrecht. He likely died young.
  8. Adriana Henrietta was baptized on 15-10-1797 in Dordrecht. Adriana died on 12-03-1869 in Dordrecht, aged 71. On 19-3-1828 in Dordrecht she had married Pieter Visser. 
  9. Jenneken was baptized 21-7-1799 in Dordrecht. She died before 1815. She may have been buried on 1-10-1799 in Dordrecht, or on a later date, like 16-12-1805. 
  10. Cornelis was baptized on 18-7-1802 in Dordrecht. He may have been buried there on 27-8-1802.
  11. Anna Elizabeth was born in 1803 in Dordrecht. Later, she lived with her younger sister Jenneke Blackstone and Jenneke's husband Johannes Adrianus Blackstone. Anna Elizabeth died on 15-1-1875 in Dordrecht, aged 71.
  12. Adrianus was born on 8-9-1804, and baptized on 16-9-1804 in Dordrecht. He died there on 30-8-1883, aged 78. Adrianus was married in 1836 to Jannigje Opstelten and in 1840 to Cornelia Havelaar. Adrinaus had issue. 
  13. Johan Georg was baptized on 29-9-1805 in Dordrecht. He may have been buried there on 16-12-1805. 
  14. Pieter was baptized on 7-12-1806 in Dordrecht. He may have been buried there on 2-4-1807. 
  15. Jacobus was baptized on 8-5-1808 in Dordrecht. He died there on 17-11-1820, aged 12. 
  16. Maria was baptized on 15-4-1810 in Dordrecht. She may have been buried there on 16-11-1811.
  17. Cornelia was baptized on 14-3-1813 in Dordrecht, and died there on 22-4-1824, aged 11. 
  18. Jenneke was born on 6-4-1814 in Dordrecht. She married a relative, Johannes Adrianus Blackstone (1814-1865) on 9-5-1838 in Dordrecht. There, Jenneke gave birth to 6 daughters before she died on 4-7-1889 in Dordrecht. 
  19. Ida was born on 4-9-1816 in Dordrecht, and died there on 9-9-1817, aged 1.
  20. Catharina Maria / Maria Catharina was born on 25-10-1817 in Dordrecht, and died thee on 13-1-1821, aged 3.
Izaak Blackstone died on 7-12-1818 around 19:00 in Dordrecht, aged 53. His widow, Adriana Henriëtta van der Monden died on 23-10-1846 in Dordrecht, aged 74. Her death certificate mentions Cornelis van der Monden and Jenneke Bes as her parents.

Dordrechtsche Courant (newspaper), 6-7-1889:
death notice of Janneke Blextoon, youngest surving daughter of Izaak Blackstone.
Source: Dordrecht Archive Website, Delpher Newspapers Website.

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