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25 Oct 2018

Short Marriage ~ Pieter Koomans & Adriana Moerkerken

Pieter Koomans was baptized on October 25, 1750, in Strijen, Holland, as eldest child of Andreas Koomans (1722-1807) and his wife Jannigje Bestebreurtje (1725-1789). After the births of his siblings Gerrit and Geertruij his mother additionally gave birth to twins twice.

Pieter married his first wife, Jannigje Bezemer, on September 4, 1785, in Strijen. Her parents were Arij Bezemer (†1806) and Annigje Havelaar (†1803). Pieter Koomans and his first wife had 8 children. Most of their children died young. Their son Arij Koomans, born on April 2, 1789, in Strijen, was enlisted as a soldier in the 9th artillery regiment of Napoleon's army. Arij died on October 28, 1812, in Douai, France. The only one of their children to marry was their daughter Jannigje Koomans (1790-1831). Jannigje Bezemer's death was registered on May 25, 1798, in Strijen.

Pieter Koomans married his second wife, Adriana Moerkerken, on January 12, 1800, in Strijen. Their only child, a son Andreas Koomans, was born on November 18, 1800, in Strijen. Pieter Koomans died on May 12, 1802, in Strijen, at the age of 51. On the 17th his brother Johannes Koomans (1762-1827) paid ƒ15,- for Pieter's burial. After a marriage of just 16 months Adriana Moerkerken was a widow.

Als weduwnaar is Pieter Koomans op 26-12-1799 in Strijen hertrouwd met Adriana Moerkerken.

Adriana Moerkerken was born on June 30, 1773, in Strijen. Her parents are Jan Moerkerken and Jannigje Molenaar. Adriana was remarried on March 27, 1803, in Strijen. Her second husband was Bernardus Bremken (1762-1808), son of Hendrik Bremken (1740-1815) and Dina de Graaf. Adriana had 3 additional children: Hendrik (1803-1865), Jan and Dina Bremken. The death of Bernardus Bremken was registered on August 13, 1808, in Strijen. At the age of 35, Adriana Moerkerken was twice widowed.

Andreas Koomans, son of Pieter Koomans and Adriana Moerkerken, married Maria Catharina de Grauw (1796-1868) and had 8 children. Only one of their children died before the age of 25. Andreas Koomans died around 01:30 on July 12, 1842, in his house near the Oude Delft canal in Delft, Holland.

For more information on this Koomans family see genealogical managazine "De Nederlandse Leeuw", 1936.

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