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26 Nov 2018

Dutchman Frans Slierkamp disappeared in Indonesia ~ Mariner Monday

Gouda, Holland
Frans Slierkamp was baptized on August 5, 1759, in Gouda, Holland. The witness at his baptism was his aunt Marrighie Willems Rietvelt. Frans' parents are Gijsbert Slierekamp, who was born in Utrecht, and his wife Pieternella Booij. She's a daughter of my ancestors Abraham Booij and Neeltje Snoeij (1696-1755) who were living in Gouderak, Holland. Frans Slierkamp was his parent's eldest surviving son, and he was named after his paternal grandfather. Additionally, Frans had had an uncle named Frans Slierekamp, born in 1714, who had boarded a ship for Indonesia in 1735, and nothing of him had ever since been heard.

Frans boarded the new ship "Regt door Zee" as a sailor before it departed from Goeree in Holland on November 11, 1787, for its maiden voyage. The ship was owned by the Chamber of Delft, part of the Dutch East India Company (V.O.C.). It contained 176 sailors, 77 soldiers, 14 artisans and 3 passengers. The captain was Dirk Varkevisser. A long-distance voyage was hard on the health of a sailing ship’s crew. During the first 2-3 months of the voyage newcomers aboard usually developed scurvy due to a vitamin C deficiency.
In April 1788 the ship arrived on the 4th at Cape of Good Hoop in South-Africa, and departed on the 30th with fresh supplies. The ship arrived in Batavia (nowadays Jakarta) in Indonesia on August 20th.
When it was time for his return voyage, Frans Slierkamp didn't turn up. He had disappeared like his uncle.

Salery and expences of Frans Slierkamp


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