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14 Nov 2018

Blackstone family intermarriage in Dordrecht, Holland

A family named Blackstone, Blextoon, Blaxstone or Blekton has been living for centuries in the city of Dordrecht in Holland. The name suggests a British origin. In fact, I did find a mention of a John Blacston and John Ploucquet (also Pluckett) in 26-7-1702 in Dordrecht that also names London and Durham in England, and Rotterdam and Goeree in Holland, but I couldn’t match this John Blacston with the siblings Jan, Matthijs and Maria Blekston who were all – when marrying - assisted by their uncle Matthijs Muts, for both their parents had died in 1704. The notice of marriage for those parents, Isaac Cornelis and Grietje Jans, was on November 22, 1682, in Dordrecht where they were living.

Maria Blekston married David Croes in 1714, and died in January 1715 while giving birth to a daughter Maria. Matthijs Blekston married Jacoba Croes in 1271 and had children named Isaak, Johannis, Margrieta, Maria and David. Jan Blaekston married Adriaantje Stoop on January 31, 1717, and they had 9 children, including Isaak, Grietje and Matthijs. Their son Isaak was baptized on May 24, 1722, in Dordrecht. Isaak married Johanna Catharian den Adelaar (1721-1800) on December 8, 1748, in Dordrecht and they had 6 children.
Isaak's eldest son, Johannes Adrianus Blackstone (1753-1813), married Maria van Eijsden (1749-1833) on 29 October 1772 in Dordrecht. Upon his marriage Isaak was assisted by his mother due to the confinement of his father. Maria van Eijsden was a great-granddaughter of the Matthijs Muts mentioned above. Maria's mother, Dirkje Muts, was named after Matthijs' wife, Dirckje van de Graeff. Their son Gerrit Blackstone (1790-1845), a tailor, married another girl of the Van Eijsden family named Catharina Petronella (1787-1838).

Dordrechtsche Courant (newspaper), 16-11-1813:
Tailor G. Blackstone advertised with the latest Paris fashion.

Isaak Blekston
Anna Catrijna den Adelaar
Johannes Adrianus Blackstone
Maria Gerrits van Eijsden
  Izaak Blackstone
Adriana Henrietta van der Monden
Gerrit Blackstone
Catharina Petronella van Eijsden
Johannes Adrianus Blackstone
Jenneke Blackstone

Anna Catharina Blackstone
Intermarriage within the Blackstone family in Dordrecht

In 1838 a son of tailor Gerrit Blackstone, Johannes Adrianus Blackstone (1753-1813), married Jenneke Blackstone (1814-1889), a younger daughter of Gerrit's uncle Izaak Blackstone (1766-1818). This couple had 6 daughters, among them Anna Catharina Blackstone (1847-1892) who married Adrianus Driessen.

Dordrechtsche Courant (newspaper), 6-7-1889:
death notice of Janneke Blextoon, widow of J.A. Blextoon

Source: Dordrecht Archive Website, Delpher Newspapers Website.

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