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22 Jan 2023

The 4 marriages of Cornelis Kootkar (1842-1914)

The Cornelis Kootkar in this story was born on 5 April 1842 in Schalkwijk, south of Utrecht. His parents are Aaltje van Amerongen (1803-1851) and Arie Kootkar (1811-1890), and his grandparents are Hendrika de Jong and Johannis Kootkar (1785-1816). Cornelis' great-grandfather is Hermanus Kootkar of Meppen in Germany.
Cornelis' father Arie, when widowed for 8 months, remarried Heiltje Tukker (1809-1885). Arie Kootkar also survived his second wife, and died on 6 December 1890 in Schalkwijk, aged 79.
Cornelis Kootkar was 9 years old when his mother died, and 10 years old when he acquired a stepmother. His younger brother Hendrikus died at the age of 16 in 1862. Their half-sister Gerdina Kootkar remained unmarried, and died at the age of 46 in 1899.

At the age of 26, on 22 April 1868 in Utrecht Cornelis Kootkar married his first wife, 20-year-old Antoinetta Louisa Maria Vreeswijk. Antoinetta was born in Utrecht on 23-10-1847 as daughter of Gloudi Vreeswijk and Wilhelmina Tieson. Just two months after the marriage, Antoinetta gave birth to a son. In 1871 a daughter was born, but the baby died that same year.

At the request of Antoinetta, a divorce was registered on 12 December 1875 in Rotterdam, and on 18 February 1876 in Zutphen in Gelderland. At that time the residence of Cornelis Kootkar was unknown. His estranged wife was living in Doesburg in Gelderland.

Zutphensche Courant, 26-2-1876: the 1st divorce

On 18 September 1878 in Rotterdam  Cornelis Kootkar (36) married Gommaria Maria Johanna Mathot (27). She was born in Middelburg on 2-11-1850 as daughter of Bernardus Adrianus Mathot en Julia Catharina Bourdeau. At the age of 19, Gommaria had married Jacobus Johannes Baljé, who originated in Vlissingen. Gommaria's divorce had been registered on 11-10-1876 in Middelburg. In 1872 her only child had lived for only 4 weeks.
Gommaria died in Rotterdam on 14 May 1883, aged 31.

In Rotterdam on 4 August 1885  Cornelis Kootkar (43) married Willemina Hendrika Plasier (28). She was born in on 18 April 1857 in Rotterdam as daughter of Willem Pieter Plaisier (1804-1882) and his second wife Geertruijda Segaar.
This was Cornelis' shortest marriage. Willemina Hendrika Plasier managed to acquire a divorce on 17 June 1889 in Rotterdam. In 1897 in Zaandam she married miller Hendrik Plooijer (1859-1945), widower of Maartje Duivis (1839-1897), and son of Garbrand Plooijer and Guurtje Brand (1818-1861). Willemina Hendrika Plasier died at the age of 48 on 10 February 1906 in Rotterdam. Her widower married a third time.

Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad, 22-6-1889, 2nd divorce

Unabashedly, tailor Cornelis Kootkar (49) was married a 4th time on 1 July 1891 in Amsterdam to Catharina Elisabeth Landgraaff (32). The bride was born in Amsterdam on 11-2-1859 as daughter of schoemaker Johan Landgraaff and his wife Antje Man. In 1890 Catharina Elisabeth had divorced coppersmith Willem Cornelis Stroethoff (1850-1907) whom she had married at the age of 18 in 1877. They had a daughter Anna Maria, and a son with the same name as his father.
Catharina Elisabeth Landgraaff died - as a widow - at the age of 77 on 16 January 1937 around 13:00 in Diepenveen in Overijssel. Her last husband, tailor Cornelis Kootkar, had died on 22 January 1914 in Amsterdam.

Top right Cornelis Kootkar's birth date, and bottom right his death date.

Johan Bruno Hendrik Kootkar, the only surviving legitimate child of Cornelis Kootkar, was born on 9 July 1868 in Utrecht. He was a tailor by profession when he married Christina Lebbink (1873-1958) in 1894 in Amsterdam. At the age of 70 - after a short illness - Johan Bruno Hendrik died on 4 October 1938 in Amsterdam, leaving a daughter, a son and two granddaughters.

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