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29 Jan 2023

Longevity ~ Pietertje Hoogmoed (96) in Middelharnis

Pietertje Hoogmoed was 96 years, 10 months and 1 week old when she died on 23 June 1916 around 7:30 A.M. in Middelharnis in Holland. She was survived by 4 of her 5 children. 

Pietertje Hoogmoed died at the age of 96

Pietertje Hoogmoed was born on 16 August 1819 in Dirksland in Holland. Her parents are Cornelis Hoogmoed (1780-1843) and Geertruij Borstlap (1787-1849). Pietertje had 5 surviving siblings, including a brother Paulus, born on 14 October 1817 in Dirksland.
At the age of 28, on 5 May 1848 in Middelharnis, Pietertje married Adrianus Vroegindeweij. He was born on 30 April 1823 in Middelharnis. His parents are Dammis Vroegindeweij (1795-1876) and Paulina Nagtegaal (1791-1859).

Adrianus Vroegindeweij and Pietertje Hoogmoed are the parents of
  1. Dammis Vroegindeweij was born on 7 October 1848 in Middelharnis. He married Trijntje Faasse (1847-1889) on 17 June 1869 in Sommelsdijk and had several children. Dammis died on 30 January 1941 in Middelharnis, aged 92.
  2. Geertrui Vroegindeweij was born on 7 December 1850 in Middelharnis. She died on 11 January 1936 in Sommelsdijk at the age of 85.
  3. Paulina Vroegindeweij was born on 29 November 1852. She married Thomas de Waard and Jan Schellevis. Paulina died on 20 July 1938 in Middelharnis, aged 85.
  4. Cornelis Vroegindeweij was born on 1 February 1856 in Middelharnis. He married Elizabeth de Waard (1858-1933) and had children. Cornelis died, at the age of 49, on 9 October 1905 in Middelharnis.
  5. Adriaantje Vroegindeweij was born on 28 November 1859 in Middelharnis. There she married on 21 October 1879 Aren Springvloed (1856-1945). They had several children. Adriaantje died in Sommelsdijk on 17 June 1922, aged 62.
Adrianus Vroegindeweij died at the age of 69 on 28 January 1893 in Middelharnis. His widow Pietertje Hoogmoed survived him for 13 years. In 1907, on 6 March, Pietertje's brother Paulus Hoogmoed died in Rotterdam at the age of 89. Pietertje survived all her siblings.


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