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7 Dec 2023

Short-lived Marriage ~ Simon van Dijk & Neeltje Baars (update)

Simon van Dijk was born on 1 February 1798, and baptised on the 4th in Klaaswaal, Holland. His parents are an elder Simon van Dijk (1747-1821) and his wife Jannetje Blaak (1759-1838) who were married on 12 may 1782 in Oud-Beijerland, Holland. Simon had several siblings, including a younger brother Herman van Dijk (1799-1883).

At the age of 27, Simon - son of the elder Simon - was married on 29 May 1825 in Oud-Beijerland. His bride was 34-year-old Neeltje Baars. She was born on 3 March 1791, and baptised on the 6th in Oud-Beijerland as the eldest daughter of Arij Baars (1764-1846) and his first wife Neeltje Kraak (1766-1806). As a widower, Arij had remarried Adriana Kraak. Neeltje Kraak had been a daughter of Arie Kraak, while Adriana Kraak was a daughter of Jacob Kraak. Neeltje Baars is an elder half sister of Kornelia Baars (1809-1876).
On 12 March 1826 in Oud-Beijerland Neeltje Baars gave birth to a son Simon. The little boy died on 21 July. 
Soon, Neeltje Baars was pregnant again. Just 7 months after the previous birth, on 18 October 1826 around 2:00 A.M., Neeltje was delivered of a premature son named Arij who died the same day around noon. A week after the birth, on 25 October, Neeltje Baars died, aged 35. After just 17 months of marriage, Simon van Dijk was a widower.

Birth certificate of Simon, eldest son of Simon Baars

Birth certificate of Arij whose birth resulted in his mother's death

At the age of 33, Simon van Dijk remarried on 27 May 1831 in Oud-Beijerland. His bride was 29-year-old Jorina van den Tol. She was born on 9 June 1801, and baptised on 26 July in Middelharnis. Jorina's parents are Abra(ha)m van den Tol and his wife Maatje Hobes (1767-1839).
Jorina was widow of married Cornelis Langerveld (1788-1830) whom she had married on 22 July 1824 in Middelharnis. They had a daughter named Grietje, born on 4 March 1826 in Oud-Beijerland, and born there on 22 September 1828 was a son named Abraham. Grietje Langerveld married Willem Visser, and died in Oud-Beijerland on 12 November 1904.
With Jorina, Simon van Dijk had a second son named Simon, who was born on 4 May 1833 in Oud-Beijerland. That Simon first married Beatrix van der Linden in 1858. His second wife was Anna Elizabeth Maris (1848-1921) whom he married in 1872. Among his children were another Simon (1859-1932), and a daughter Jorina van Dijk (1864-1937). Simon van Dijk, husband of Anna Elisabeth Maris, died on 8 July 1884 in Oud-Beijerland, aged 51. His widow was found death in her kitchen on 30 March 1921.

De Zuidwillemsvaart (newspaper), 2 april 1921
Nieuwsblad (newspaper), 5 april 1921

Simon van Dijk, husband of Jorina van den Tol, died at the age of 70 in Oud-Beijerland on 15 December 1868. His widow Jorina survived him until January 1887, when she died in Oud-Beijerland at the age of 85.

Sources:,, Families of South Holland ("Klappers"), Oud-Beijerland dopen 1743-1796 (bewerkt door ir. Jan Paul van der Spek), Middelharnis Doopboek 1764-1769 (bewerkt door Cor M. Koene).

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  1. This is a sad tale. Unfortunately, childbirth & death were often connected at that time.


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